Update on my life as an Internet Marketer

I started trying to create an income online like 4 years ago.

Long story short, I have failed more times than I would like to acknowledge, even to myself, kind of depress me.

But what I have had is an internal believe and a self-commitment that I NEED to make it, I have to make it, I must make it !

This belief has make me keep going and going. I have gain lots of knowledge, not only in tools but also in Marketing, which has become my new found love affair.

I love tools, I love theory but now I know that becoming a better marketer will get me the opportunity to reach more people, in a more close way and at the end will let me serve better my clients.

on this search I got started this week with a program that I recently found. This program is called QSC – the Quick Start Chalenge. It was created for Dean Holland and Craig Crawford, both of them have been around for some time.


Not sure why I pay attention to them this time, something in their email subject line and in the sales letter resonated with me.

Anyway, I am here doing this post as my first CHALLENGE of the course. The reward for creating this post is very appealing. I hope I am the lucky winner of the prize.

I guess I gave away the first step of this course But I am doing it on purpose for 2 reasons: First: to show to everyone that reads this post that it is for real that I bought and I am following the course and Second: that I am taking action. I don’t want this course and all their promises to sit in my hard drive and collect dust like many other courses I got.

The course start in the the right way, creating the foundations and proposing the first challenge.

Well, this is all for now, I promise to myself and to all that read this posts that I will be updating my progress, good or bad, on following The Quick Start Challenge.

If someone, anyone learn from my mistakes that will make me a happy camper because I will know I helped someone to better his/her life.

Until next time

BTW, I live in Dubai, being here for 5 years. It is a wondeful city. I am not refering to all the hype you see in the media, which is mostly true, but I am talking about the amazing frienziness that this city breath all the time. Permanently this city is being build, but you do not see eternal traffic jams for that, everything keeps flowing. It is very modern with all the good stuff a great city must have. and the best of all, it is the leadership of this country, it is just super amazing. Would you believe that a Ministry for Happiness exist? that is just unbelieveably GREAT!.


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