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There is also a substantial rise in vaginal pH to as high as 7 generic betoptic 5 ml with mastercard, which increases the incidence of vaginal infections order betoptic 5ml on line. Vaginal estrogen creams are highly effective in the treatment of atrophic vaginitis. A very low dose is recommended in order to minimize absorption of the estrogen and therefore combat endometrial stimulation. Modified vaginal release estrogen tablets and an estrogen impregnated vaginal ring are also available to treat vaginal dryness. Spermicidal agents 275 These include nonoxynol-9, octoxinol and p-di-isobutylphenoxypoly(ethoxyethanol). Spermicidal contraceptives are useful additional safeguards but do not give adequate contraceptive protection if used alone; they are suitable for use with barrier methods. They have two components: a spermicide and a vehicle which itself may have some inhibiting effects on sperm activity. The systemic absorption of these drugs had previously been considered only from the standpoint of toxicity. However, in addition to local delivery, there has recently been considerable interest in the possibility of vaginal delivery for the systemic delivery of drugs, via the mucous membranes of the vagina. Current technologies in vaginal drug delivery are concerned with the systemic delivery of drugs such as estrogens, progesterones and prostaglandins. New technologies are exploring the systemic delivery of, for example, therapeutic peptides and proteins, via the vaginal route. This chapter reviews the structure and physiology of the vagina and the present and future utilization of the vagina for drug delivery. It is normally collapsed on itself and can hold between 2–3 g of fluid or gel without leakage to the outside. Microscopically, the vaginal wall consists of: • the epithelial layer, with underlying basement membrane; • the lamina propria (connective tissue); • the muscular layer; • the tunica adventitia (the vaginal fascia, which consists of loose connective tissue). The vaginal epithelium is composed of five different cell layers: • superficial (about 10 rows of cells): large polygonal cells with a high degree of proliferation, • transitional (about 10 rows of cells), • intermediate (about 10 rows of cells), • parabasal (2 rows of cells), • basal (single row of cells). An important aspect of the epithelium is an elaborate system of channels between the cells. These intercellular channels are capable of changing width as the hormone levels change during the menstrual cycle. The channels can accommodate rapid movement of leukocytes and large proteins such as IgG and albumin; they are an important pathway of watery secretion from the blood network to the tissue. The lamina propria contains a blood supply, a lymphatic drainage system, and a network of nerve fibers. It is through the blood vessels in the lamina propria that drugs can gain entry to the systemic circulation. Lymph drainage from the vagina takes place to the iliac sacral, gluteal, rectal, and inguinal lymphatic nodes. The changes are associated with aging (neonate, juvenile, adult and senescence), biphasic sexual cycling (follicular and luteal phases) and pregnancy. This proliferation of cells leads to an increase in epithelial thickness, as well as in the number of layers (Figure 11. A parallel increase in the number of intercellular junctions renders the epithelium more cohesive. The number of desmosomes increases approximately 10-fold from the early to late follicular phase. Luted phase During the luteal phase, desquamation (shedding) occurs on the superficial epithelial layer, extending as far as the intermediate cells. The vaginal surface loses its intact structure and the epithelium becomes loose and porous. This cyclic desquamation is preceded by loosening of intercellular grooves, as well as a pore- like widening of the intercellular channels. Rodents have an estrous cycle characterized by diestrous (Diest), proestrous, estrous (E) and metestrous phases (Figure 11. The cyclical changes in the epithelium of rodents are similar to the changes in human, i. The vaginal epithelium becomes extremely thin, cell boundaries in the surface are less distinct, the micro-ridges of the cells are dramatically reduced, and the vagina is often invaded with leukocytes. Naturally, this thinning of the epithelium leads to a substantial increase in the permeability of this tissue. Pregnancy During pregnancy the most marked change occurring in the vagina is increased vascularity and venous stasis, and the epithelial layer is greatly thickened.

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Subsidizing vocational training for disadvantaged youth in developing countries: Evidence from a randomized trial discount 5 ml betoptic with visa. The role of pharmacists in developing countries: The current scenario in Pakistan buy betoptic 5ml visa. The changing roles of pharmacists in community pharmacies: Perception of reality in India. Medicine registration and medicine quality: A preliminary analysis of key cities in emerging markets. Can developing countries achieve adequate improvements in child health outcomes without engaging the private sector? Sub- standard medicines in resource-poor settings: A problem that can no longer be ignored. Implementation of falsifed medcines directive: Meeting with patients and conusmer organizations, 30 November 2011. Current development: “And the ones that mother gives you don’t do anything at all” combating counterfeit pharmaceuticals: The American and British per- spectives. Fake antimalarials in Southeast Asia are a major impediment to malaria control: Multinational cross-sectional survey on the prevalence of fake antimalarials. Re: Determination of system attributes for the tracking and tracing of presrip- tion drugs; [docket no. Role of pre-wholesalers in generic pharmaceutical manufacturers’ demand chain management strategy. Pilfer- ing for survival: How health workers use access to drugs as a coping strategy. Health workforce skill mix and task shifting in low income countries: A review of recent evidence. Direct to pharmacy distribution in Spain: An opera- tional and politico-economic analysis. Retail pharmacies in devel- oping countries: A behavior and intervention framework. Drug shop regulation and malaria treatment in Tanzania—why do shops break the rules, and does it matter? Comments of the Generic Pharma- ceutical Association on the Food and Drug Administration’s public workshop: De- termination of system attributes for the tracking and tracing of prescription drugs [docket no. Mechanisms of prescription drug diversion among drug-involved club- and street-based populations. Gray market, black heart: Pharmaceuti- cal gray market fnds a disturbing niche during the drug shortage crisis. The pharmaceutical distribution chain in the European Union and impact on pharmaceutical prices. New thinking in addressing the rising chllenges of human resources for health in sub-Saharan Africa. Technological strategies to deal with counterfeit medicines: The European and North-American perspectives. Professional skills development in a resource- poor setting: The case of pharmacy in Malawi. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 100(11):1019-1024. Task shifting for tuberculosis control: A qualitative study of community-based directly observed therapy in urban Uganda. The supply of pharmaceuti- cals in humanitarian assistance missions: Implications for military operations. Private sector pharmaceutical supply and distribution chains: Ghana, Mali and Malawi. Paper read at Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research Conference LatAm, October 3-5, 2005, University of Talca, Chile. Depart- ment for International Development, Management Sciences for Health, and Management Solutions Consulting, Ltd. Quality of anti-malarial drugs provided by public and private healthcare providers in south-east Nigeria. Quality of online pharmacies and web- sites selling prescription drugs: A systematic review. Rural pharmacy student placement allowance and administrative support to phar- macy schools. Rural health research: Demographic, educational and economic factors related to recruitment and retention of physicians in rural Pennsylvania.

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Very small droplets are generated at the end of the needle order betoptic 5ml with amex, which are dried by the nitrogen and airstream around the 30-gauge needle buy 5ml betoptic with visa, and the droplets are collected in an aqueous solution of 1. The gelled droplets or little spheres are further washed with at least a fivefold excess of the 0. The resultant spheres are then “snap frozen” in liquid nitrogen and then lyophilized. After these steps, the encapsulated organisms can be used in the formulation below. The pH of the mixture is then lowered to nium chloride, imidiazolidinyl urea, and diazo- 4. Then freshly obtained encapsulated lactobacilli stirring, to a suspension of hydroxypropyl bacteria are added to achieve a final concentra- methyl cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose tion of at least 1 million viable bacteria per in a sterile normal saline solution (quantity suf- suppository. This means that ascorbic acid that was dissolved in about 10–15 about 500 mg of the encapsulated bacteria are mL sterile saline is slowly added with gentle usually added. Formulations of Semisolid Drugs 213 Rapid and thorough mixing can be done, for in a desiccating jar under vacuum at 0°–4°C. After the materials are thoroughly mixed at and extreme temperatures to ensure the viability 0°–4°C, they are pressed into a mold and dried of the lactobacilli. In a separate vessel, charge balance of item 5 and mix items 1 and 2 to make a paste. Either cool to room temperature when the air bubbles escape or dissolve parabens in hot 1. Dissolve the parabens and Lutrol F 127 in water water, cool to 5°–10°C, dissolve Lutrol F 127, heated to about 80 C. Each gram contains neomycin sulfate equivalent to 400 bacitracin units, and white petrolatum, q. Nicotine Polymer Gel Bill of Materials Scale (g/100 g) Item Material Name Quantity/kg (g) 66. Nitrofurazone Cream Bill of Materials Scale (g/100 g) Item Material Name Quantity/kg (g) 0. In a separate vessel, heat two thirds of item 9 to 50°C and dissolve item 8 in it. Add and mix item 1 with item 5 (balance) and vessel after passing it through a stainless steel add to step 2. Formulations of Semisolid Drugs 215 Nystatin Ointment Bill of Materials Scale mg/g Item Material Name Quantity/kg (g) 21. Homogenize twice to make a smooth disper- temperature 45°C, mixer speed 10–12 rpm, and sion. Disperse item 4 in the clear solution of gramicidin–propylene glycol by Formulations of Semisolid Drugs 217 Nystatin, Neomycin Sulfate, Gramicidin, and Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment Bill of Materials Scale (mg/g) Item Material Name Quantity/kg (g) 22. Mix until the temperature of the ointment (gap setting 1) to make smooth dispersion and reaches 28°–30°C. Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Octyl Salicylate, and Oxybenzone Gel The active ingredients in octyl methoxycinnamate, octyl glyceryl monostearate, propylene glycol, petrolatum, dia- salicylate, and oxybenzone gel are octyl methoxycin- zolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, disodium ethylene namate 7. Weighed quantity of emulsifying ointment is melted in another vessel, and propylparaben 1. The lumps (1 kg) are powdered in an edge der and methylparaben is also heated to the runner mill for 30 minutes. Weighed quantity of the powder is dispersed in banum powder is added to the molten emulsi- appropriate quantity of water, along with fying ointment, and the mixture is stirred methylparaben (0. Both formulations mg oxiconazole per gram of lotion in a white to off-white, are for topical dermatologic use only. Formulations of Semisolid Drugs 219 Oxytetracycline Ointment Bill of Materials Scale (g/100 g) Item Material Name Quantity/kg (g) 3. Panthenol and Chlorhexidine Lotion Bill of Materials Scale (mg/mL) Item Material Name Quantity/1000 Tablets (g) 25. Place into kettle and heat to 70°C while stirring; transfer the melted fatty mass under vacuum 1. After the addition, evacuate again at 80°C with stirring to keep the fatty phase at to −0. Transfer the ointment in a mixer and mix for 5 by pouring and then rinsing it with hot deion- minutes with electric mixture. Each gram of cream contains 10 mg penciclovir purified water, and white petrolatum. Formulations of Semisolid Drugs 221 Peppermint Cream Bill of Materials Scale (mg/g) Item Material Name Quantity/kg (g) 25.

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Second generic betoptic 5 ml with visa, if it should take effect purchase betoptic 5 ml amex, it may be dangerous since pain serves a useful function as a physiologic warning signal. It would be more appropriate to focus the suggestion on the inability to feel pain at the hands of captors. However, if the subject were captured and felt any pain at all, the entire suggestion would rapidly break down. Such failure will tend to eliminate almost completely the suggestion concerning the modality where it failed. Here again, the soldier who is taught to rely on hypnosis as an analgesic and finds it ineffective in certain situations may be considerably worse off than if he had not trusted this mechanism in the first place. It seems, then, that the use of hypnosis in withstanding stress, and particularly pain, is impractical. Few individuals are able to enter a trance sufficiently deep to permit profound analgesia. Furthermore, the analgesia would have to be produced posthypnotically, a less effective method than that produced during trance. The post- -202- hypnotic suppression of all pain may also be dangerous to the individual. Finally, if such posthypnotic analgesia were possible and it should break down, it would leave the individual more vulnerable than if he had not relied upon this mechanism at all. Motivating Instructions Our findings with individuals who have had instructions to simulate hypnosis are particularly relevant. Much of our current research employs simulating subjects as controls and, as we have pointed out previously, these subjects are willing and able to tolerate extremely painful stimuli. In fact, in a recent study Shor (68) found that simulators uniformly tolerate a higher level of painful electric shock than do subjects in deep hypnosis. These findings indicate that appropiiate motivating instructions are as effective as hypnosis in enabling individuals to tolerate laboratory situations of pain. Whether this also holds true in situations which represent real danger to the organism, such as major surgery or the threats encountered during interrogation, remains to be demonstrated. This suggests that motivational sets might be devised which would effectively protect personnel against breakdown under stress. Autogenous Training One of the main defects of the three proposals discussed is that each involves a lessening of ego control. There is an application of hypnosis which might be explored fruitfully since it relies largely upon the responsibility of the subject for his actions. Instead of the usual procedure in which the hypnotist suggests the occurrence of various events, the subject is taught that he is capable of inducing them in himself by proper concentration. These are so designed that each is mastered before the subject is permitted to go on to the next one. For example, in the initial exercise the subject is taught to concentrate on his right hand becoming heavy and he is shown the most advantageous posture. After being shown the exercise by the teacher, he is instructed to repeat the procedure by himself between three and five times a day for a two-minute period each. Within a period of two weeks or so a large proportion of the subject population is able to achieve a considerable degree of subjective heaviness. He is then -203- taught to induce a feeling of warmth and eventually goes on to control of respiration, relaxation of the body, and if desired selective anesthesia. The interesting feature of this technique is that the subject eventually becomes fully capable of producing these phenomena through his own efforts rather than by the suggestions given him by the teacher (hypnotist). Probably, the hypnotist is internalized by the subject in this process, and thus becomes an ego resource. Such a technique would also be useful in solitary confinement for controlling anxieties that otherwise might be overwhelming. The major distinction between this use of hypnosis and those commonly advocated is that the procedure would be one more technique of mastery available to the captive without sacrificing any degree of ego control. There is some anecdotal evidence that individuals trained in this manner found it useful during confinement in concentration camps. It is difficult to determine whether the technique of autogenous training is in itself the effective mechanism or whether it merely represents a form of pseudo-mastery which can become an ego support. Equally important is the illusion of mastery that the individual may be able to create without recourse to external aids. Thus, if he is deprived of his clothing and his dignity he would still have at his disposal a technique which depends strictly upon concentration and which cannot be taken from him. When the individual feels at the mercy of an apparently all powerful captor, it may well be as important to him to be able to demonstrate to himself that he can control his respiration or can make a limb heavy as the actual ability to decrease physical pain. Biderman (11) has discussed the importance to the interrogation subject of maintaining the feeling of control through either real or illusory devices. As long as the individual is able to induce subjective changes at will he may maintain a feeling of control which cannot be taken away. Anecdotal evidence obtained in personal communication from an individual subject to extensive interrogation by the Gestapo may illustrate the point. This subject found that he was able to control the point of passing out during interrogation.

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